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Products > PV Materials > PV Modules > ITO coated Film
ITO coated Film
ITO coated Film ITO coated Film
Product name : ITO coated Film
Product No. : 202199105658
Material : ITO
Size : 300*300, 300*100, 20*15 mm, 25.4*25.4 mm, 50*50 mm, 300*300 mm, thickness 0.125, 0.175mm, or according to customerrequirements
Density(g/cm3) : resistance:5,10,15,27,38,40,80,150,400,800Ω
Refractive Index : 
Form : 
Purity : 
Application : LCD screen , touch panel, stealth coating for scattering radar wave, gas discharge, electroluminescent devices, solar cells, building glass
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ITO (indium tin oxide) conductive film is a high-tech product obtained by sputtering transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive film coating on transparent organic film materials by magnetron sputtering and annealing at high temperature.
Because of its low resistivity, high visible light transmittance, firm combination with glass matrix, scratch resistance and good chemical stability, it has been more and more widely used.

Light transmittance: ≥ 80%
Haze: < 2%
UV absorbance ≥ 85%
Infrared reflectance ≥ 85%
Microwave attenuation ≥ 85%.
Adhesion: 100 / 100,
Crimp: ≤ 10 mm.
High temperature: 120oc, 120hr ≤ 1.3
Low temperature: - 40oC, 120hr ≤ 1.3
Thermal cycle: - 30oc-80oc ≤ 1.3.

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