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LiF Crystals Windows
LiF Crystals Windows LiF Crystals Windows
Product name : LiF Crystals Windows
Product No. : 20219915381
Material : LiF
Size : 10×10×1.0mm; 10×5×1.0mm; 10×10×0.5mm; 10×5×0.5mm; dia12×4.0mm; dia12×4.0mm or According to customer needs
Density(g/cm3) : 2.64
Refractive Index : 1.37327 @2.5μm;1.624 @0.121μm
Form : Clear
Purity : 4N,5N
Application : Optical windows, lenses and prisms
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LiF Crystals Windows

Growth methods: Czochralski method and Bridgeman method
Crystal structure: trigonal
Lattice constant: a = 4.026 Å
Melting point: 870 ℃
Mohs hardness: 4mohs
Crystal direction: < 100 >, < 111 >
Crystal plane orientation accuracy: ± 0.5 °
Edge orientation accuracy: ± 1 °
Polishing: single side polishing, double side polishing, etc
Surface roughness: <5 Å
Packaging: class 1000 super clean room; Class 100 ultra clean bag or single crystal box package

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