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Molybdenum Boat
Product name : Molybdenum Boat
Product No. : 20219394254
Material : Molybdenum (Mo)
Size : 6*100*0.1mm, 8*80*0.2mm or according to customer request
Density(g/cm3) : >10.2
Refractive Index : 2.81
Form : rectangle, square, trapezoid, semicircle, hexagon, boat
Purity : 3N5
Application : Coating, electronic, power engineering industry, vacuum thermal evaporation, capacitor sintering, nuclear fuel sintering, etc.
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Molybdenum evaporation boat; Mo boat
Molybdenum boat is a vessel formed by riveting molybdenum sheets or stamping with a punch
Process: hot rolling, cold rolling, alkali washing, shearing and riveting.

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