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Tungsten Crucibles
Product name : Tungsten Crucibles
Product No. : 20219310388
Material : Tungsten (W)
Size : OD 600mm or according to customer request
Density(g/cm3) : 18.3
Refractive Index : 2.81
Form : Round mouth, conical, elliptical mouth, bottomless
Purity : 3N5
Application : sapphire long crystal, rare earth smelting, coating and other industries.
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Be made of metal tungsten. It has the characteristics of high melting point, high strength and hardness, good high temperature performance, low resistivity, small expansion coefficient and small electron escape work. It is an important component of sapphire long crystal furnace.
Manufacturing process: sintering forming, welding forming, stamping forming and spinning forming, among which sintering products are most widely used.  For micro and small tungsten crucibles, forged tungsten rods can be used for turning or stamping. The welding process of tungsten sheet adopts hot bending of rolled tungsten plate, which is finally fixed by welding. Spinning is suitable for producing thin-wall tungsten crucible with high process requirements.

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